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Energy Channeling In Depth Session

Energy Channeling In Depth Session

For an In Depth Energy Channeling session I will surrogate your energy and inquire of your higherself and the universe for insight. I will go a general inquiry but if there is a specific situation or question you can include that too. If any negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, or trapped emotions are found Balance work will be done to transform or release them. You will also get a chakra balancing.

If you have any allergies or injuries, please list those and I will inquire as to the energetic cause. Some allergies have even been completely elliminated with this process! In addition to the healing process starting on injuries that wouldn't priviously heal!***

Lastly, I will also do a rune casting and let the stones speak.

Sessions are recorded and you'll be sent a link so you can be part of the process if you like. I will also include a picture of the rune casting.



* Questions need to be in a yes/no answer format. If they are not, the wording of your question might be changed to accomodate a yes/no answer. Energy is positive and negative, so answers will flow in one of two directions.

**All energy work is done following the spirits leading and holding the clients highest and best interest at heart

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