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Energy Channeling with Balance Work

Energy Channeling with Balance Work

For Energy Channeling with Balance Work there are two options, a General read and a Specific read.

For a General read I will hold the intention of recieving whatever the universe most wants you to know right now.

For a Specific read please send up to three questions or tell me about a specific situation and I will make inquiring in that direction.

For either, I will surrogate your energy and inquire of your higherself and the universe for insight. In addition, if any negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, or trapped emotions are found Balance work will be done to transform or release them, helping you get freedom and movement in life! Sessions are recorded and you'll be sent a link so you can be part of the process if you like.


* Questions should be in a yes/no answer format. If they are not, the wording of your question might be changed to accomodate a yes/no answer. Energy is positive and negative, so answers will flow in one of two directions.

**All energy work is done following the spirits leading and holding the clients highest and best interest at heart.

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