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Want to make more Money?

Improve your relationship with others or yourself?


Increase your vitality in life?

I can help!

How can I make my life better?

Hi, I'm Joanie!

I'm an intuitive, energy channeler. I've been working with energy for over a decade. During that time I trained for 4 years in Psych-K, learning how to release and change energy, remote channel energy, and identify energetic causations in the body. I have studied herbalism at the Herbal Academy and practice Reiki. 

"Your life, is a reflection of the story you tell yourself every day."

If you don't like that story, lets write a new one together!

I can help you over come limiting beliefs of poverty, self doubt, and unworthiness to help you transform into the abundant, self confidant, successful person you Really are.  

Please feel free to reach out! Sessions start at just $20. I'd love to discuss more about how I can help!


Where to Find Me or Book a Session​​

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